Organizational Insights

Continuous Business Insights and Sentiment Analysis from your People

Drive more effective outcomes with deep organizational insights and the industry’s most accurate sentiment analysis.


Capture the Authentic Voice of the Employee

Measure Leadership and Program Effectiveness

Understand employee sentiment and activity around key themes and topics

Track Employee Engagement

Understand when and why employee engagement shifts in your organization

Understand Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

Get a day-to-day pulse on the entire organization – no matter where they are


Leverage the Aware platform to track the reach and impact of various initiatives across your organization with the following:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Conversation Health/Toxicity Analysis
  • Message Activity
  • Trending Keywords and Themes

With continuous people insights, spot changes in sentiment, identify areas of potentially toxic behavior, understand behavior changes, and benchmark the collective mood of your organization.


Today’s enterprise is all about the digital workplace experience. Understand the feelings of your distributed workforce and work better together.


Evaluate & Elevate Your Work Environments

Evaluate your work environments in real time with authentic insight into your organization’s digital conversations.

Social Listening

Analyze conversations, trends, and themes from all facets of your organization


Behavioral Trend Analysis

Leverage Aware’s propriety AI and natural language processing (NLP) models for an accurate, ongoing understanding of your employees’ feelings.


Advanced Reporting

Focus in on specific topics, departments, and groups to make intelligent business decisions.

Use Cases

A Comprehensive Solution Built For:

Reputation Management

Identify pockets of unwanted behavior before they become a threat to your enterprise

Change Management

Understand employee perceptions to enable strategic initiatives and goals

Communications Value

Track the reach and effectiveness of corporate communications

Corporate Initiatives

Analyze impact and activity of specific programs or topics

People Insights

Understand how employees work together across the organization

Voice of the Employee

Modernize the employee survey with authentic, continuous insights

Leadership Impact

Understand perception and support from management effectiveness of influencers in your organization

Insights as a Service

Endless possibilities based on the unique needs of your business

How Aware is Transforming Digital Workplace Communications

Context is key

Aware’s Intelligent Archive

Preserve all original messages, as well as any edit or deletions, attachments, files, and images. Most importantly, we capture the relevant context beyond just the single message—and recreate the conversation in an easy-to-understand format.

With Aware:
  • Keep conversational context of all messages–public, private & chat
  • Search relevant content across all integrated conversation channels
  • Every message enriched by Aware’s conversation-based, behavior AI
  • Store all content edits & deletions
Aware's contextual archive search and discover
Understand the Conversation

Aware AI Analysis

Every message is enriched with our proprietary, conversation-based behavior AI. This technology is engineered based on years of research and exclusive access to real-life conversation data found in the workplace.

With Aware:
  • 3x more accurate than other leading sentiment models
  • Detect messages for inapporopriate, offensive, and hate speech
  • Extract topic information and your company's feeling towards them
  • Analyze messages, images and attachments in near real-time
Message enriched with Aware's proprietary AI
Leading The New Data Set

Our Dedication to Collaboration

We deeply understand the challenges and benefits of embracing wall-to-wall adoption of collaboration platforms in an enterprise setting; that’s why we take a collaboration-first approach to platform security and behavioral analysis without interrupting the productivity of your workforce.

With Aware:
  • Strategic partner of Slack, Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft and Cisco
  • Frictionless, one-click integration experience
  • Globally recognized security certifications
  • Benchmark-tested against enterprise message volume
Aware remote work collaboration governance, risk, compliance, and insights at scale

Harnessing Your Organization’s Collaboration and Sentiment Data

Co-authored by Deloitte and Aware, this whitepaper explores how to use your existing collaboration conversation data effectively and ethically to drive critical decisions.


How Innovative CIOs Create a Human-Centered Organization

Using digital conversation data already at your fingertips, you can take a proactive approach to understand the heartbeat of your organization.


How CIOs Can Unlock Valuable Digital Conversation Data

Learn to use digital conversation data to ensure your most valuable resource – your employees – are at the heart of your organizational work design.


5 Tips for Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Continuous Listening

Learn how a continuous listening program could transform your organization’s culture and increase employee engagement.

Form Image_Continuous Listening LP

Measuring ROI from Enterprise Collaboration

Impressions, comments and shares are great indicators of success, but won’t get your executive’s attention. Demonstrate the value of collaboration when you reframe the story in terms of tangible costs and savings.

ROI Whitepaper Form Image (1)


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Information Management

A consolidated, contextual, 360-degree view of data. Controls for efficiency, privacy, compliance, and legal and risk management.


Data Protection

Protecting your data is prioritized at the core of everything we do. Aware grants your team complete governance to manage risks within collaboration data.


Organizational Insights

Capture the behavioral analysis of your organization’s digital conversations for authentic insights that can be used to produce real business impact.