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How Innovative CIOs Create a Human-Centered Organization

Solving the challenges facing today’s IT leaders

82% of workers want to be seen as a person, not just an employee

Move past pulse surveys to insights that deliver real results

To drive productivity and deliver impact in a distributed workplace, organizations need to focus on what matters most —their people. Innovative CIOs understand the potential of the dataset generated by digital collaboration tools. With insightful management, they possess the keys to driving employee engagement and satisfaction. Thanks to Aware, IT leaders can now uncover what employees really care about and help build a human-centered organization.

What you’ll learn from this whitepaper:

If your organization is struggling to get real insights from pulse surveys and wants to proactively engage and support employees and operational health, the insights contained within this whitepaper are business-critical. Get your copy now to learn:

  1. Why understanding worker sentiment matters
  2. How to listen to employees and truly connect
  3. When to engage the organization for maximum effect
  4. Where the company is failing its employees
How CIOs Create a Human Centered Organization

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