Governance, Risk & Compliance

Data Management & Governance

Take centralized control and make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

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Federated Search & eDiscovery

AI-powered universal search purpose-built for collaboration. Find information and surface the full story—faster.

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Monitoring & Moderation

Protect your data and your people with complete, real-time visibility and centralized control of collaboration.

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Insights & Analytics

People Insights

Automatically capture authentic human signals from modern collaboration to support your most valuable asset.

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Six Critical Digital Workplace Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

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Information Management

A unified front for collaboration compliance

Consolidated, contextual, 360-degree view of your collaboration data. Controls for efficiency, privacy, compliance, and legal and risk management.


Bridge the Gap Between Legal & Compliance

Greater Control, Streamlined Efficiency

Access, manage, and collect data across all collaboration tools, normalized into one unified dataset

Quicker, Universal eDiscovery

Find crucial information with a single search to surface relevant activity within context

Smarter Information Governance

Leverage granular retention policies, built for the nuances of conversation data, to purge potential risks and preserve valuable business context


Set data retention, hold, and removal policies across all facets of your collaboration ecosystem within a single pane of glass. Leverage customizable controls across platforms to meet the needs of all stakeholders across the enterprise.


Discover data across collaboration platforms with context-aware retrieval. Search based on various criteria, such as individual, platform group, or keyword with AI-enriched filtering capabilities. Generate load-ready exports for eDiscovery workflows.


A centralized database for data retention enables information management and knowledge management. A strategic approach helps enterprises comply with regulations, reduce risks, and effectively share knowledge across departments


Modern, Multifaceted Risk Management

Drive true change and enable defensible disposal of information at the end of its lifecycle

Granular Platform Retention

Take a scalpel approach to records retention with the ability to define unique policies for channels, groups, private conversations, and direct messages across each of your collaboration platforms. Use a centralized system to purge select content from both the archive and the data-in-place.


Legal Holds & eDiscovery

Search, collect, and export relevant information from the Aware archive in a full contextual view with enriched metadata. Preserve critical data and pull load-ready activity for streamlined workflows.


Privacy & Compliance

Fulfill obligations to regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, and industry specific duties. Comply with data subject access requests or user data removals in just a few clicks.

Use Cases

A Comprehensive Solution Built For:

Compliance Monitoring

Proactively surface compliance or acceptable use policy violations

Data Privacy

Easily and securely manage data to fulfill privacy obligations

Information Governance

Holistically manage records to address risk and maximize business efficiencies

Early Case Analysis

Quickly assess the breadth and depth of a case early in the review process to increase timeliness and cost effectiveness


Efficiently search, collect, and manage data for forensics and litigation

Compliance Archiving

Securely capture an immutable copy of all collaboration data—including edits, deletions and enriched metadata—in a single, unified repository

How Aware is Transforming Digital Workplace Communications

Context is key

Aware’s Intelligent Archive

Preserve all original messages, as well as any edit or deletions, attachments, files, and images. Most importantly, we capture the relevant context beyond just the single message—and recreate the conversation in an easy-to-understand format.

With Aware:
  • Keep conversational context of all messages–public, private & chat
  • Search relevant content across all integrated conversation channels
  • Every message enriched by Aware’s conversation-based, behavior AI
  • Store all content edits & deletions
Aware's contextual archive search and discover
Understand the Conversation

Aware AI Analysis

Every message is enriched with our proprietary, conversation-based behavior AI. This technology is engineered based on years of research and exclusive access to real-life conversation data found in the workplace.

With Aware:
  • 3x more accurate than other leading sentiment models
  • Detect messages for inapporopriate, offensive, and hate speech
  • Extract topic information and your company's feeling towards them
  • Analyze messages, images and attachments in near real-time
Message enriched with Aware's proprietary AI
Leading The New Data Set

Our Dedication to Collaboration

We deeply understand the challenges and benefits of embracing wall-to-wall adoption of collaboration platforms in an enterprise setting; that’s why we take a collaboration-first approach to platform security and behavioral analysis without interrupting the productivity of your workforce.

With Aware:
  • Strategic partner of Slack, Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft and Cisco
  • Frictionless, one-click integration experience
  • Globally recognized security certifications
  • Benchmark-tested against enterprise message volume
Aware remote work collaboration governance, risk, compliance, and insights at scale

Understanding the New Data Set

Aware hosts a panel of legal professionals from Fortune 500 enterprises. They discuss the challenges of collaboration data and the implications of platforms such as Slack and Teams for GRC. Watch now.

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Information Governance Checklist

A useful checklist for creating a holistic approach to information governance strategy. Take charge of digital collaboration platforms, define stakeholders, and mitigate the impact of shadow IT.

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Your Legal Operations Checklist for Collaboration

New technology datasets need new controls. Get insights into four critical tech requirements that will help manage your dataflow through Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Workplace from Meta.


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Information Management

A consolidated, contextual, 360-degree view of data. Controls for efficiency, privacy, compliance, and legal and risk management.


Data Protection

Protecting your data is prioritized at the core of everything we do. Aware grants your team complete governance to manage risks within collaboration data.


Organizational Insights

Capture the behavioral analysis of your organization’s digital conversations for authentic insights that can be used to produce real business impact.