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Our front line captures the pulse of our customers – their insights allow us to improve the experience our customers have.

Public Affairs Manager


A large food and beverage company has locations all over the globe. The company often finds themselves in the news due to menu promotions and new products being introduced. The public affairs and product development teams were interested in gaining insights into the feedback the front line was receiving so they could best adjust their strategies going forward.

Aware’s Spotlight feature enabled the teams to look at a high-level view of real-time hot topics within their collaboration platform. Top of mind for them was the type of customer feedback their frontline workers were receiving and how workers were feeling about various promotions. Spotlight allowed them to pinpoint and dive deeper into discussions.

With insights in near-real time, the public affairs team felt better prepared to address negative sentiment. The product team was able to use this feedback to inform new menu developments. The company was also able to unlock a great opportunity to gain continuous insight into the feelings of both their customers and their employees on the front line, no matter the occasion.

 Unlocking Faster Feedback
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