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We were so pleased that our staff was excited about this migration, and this success gave us a playbook going forward.

Digital Program Manager


A healthcare provider wanted to understand what their employee sentiment was towards their Electronic Health Record (EHR) migration. Prior to Aware, they had little insight, relying on surveys, roundtables and/or asking for feedback, rather than listening in near-real time to the voice of the employee. They were concerned that the sentiment was going to be low due to the broad impact these changes had.

The team set up several Signal rules to alert on key words surrounding the migration, including the name of the tool and words like “excited” and “frustrated.” Using Custom Reporting, the hospital then ran a report on keywords and phrases around their EHR migration, surfacing results in near real-time.

To their surprise, the sentiment on this migration was high and employees were raving about the seamless migration and congratulating teammates. Swapping out a core system is a huge undertaking and being able to listen in real time to what teams are saying and feeling is a critical part of adoption and success prediction – all made possible with Aware.

 Creating Fans
Improved Change Management

Implementing digital technologies to aid in change management increases progress towards company goals by 22%.

Creating Fans
Improved Company Culture

Statistics show that real-time feedback boosts the success of key initiatives.


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