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Six Critical Digital Workplace Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

Stay informed to safeguard your remote office

In 2020, 61% of companies reported an insider threat attack

The digital workplace is here to stay

Platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Meta, and Yammer are breaking down silos and making the workplace more efficient. But they’re also exposing organizations to new risks.

Identifying and preparing for those risks mitigates the threat posed by asynchronous collaboration.

Take charge of your collaboration with proactive risk management strategies

The Aware team identified six critical security weaknesses associated with enterprise collaboration technology.

Leveraging these insights can help organizations lock down their digital workplaces. Future-proof your collaboration by understanding the risks and working proactively to limit their impact.

  1. Discover the risks that are top-of-mind for IT and security professionals
  2. control your enterprise collaboration ecosystem
  3. Support employees and discover mutual benefit with other stakeholders
  4. Future-proof your collaboration tool investments
Six Critical Digital Workplace Security Risks

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