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People as the Perimeter in Collaboration

De-Risking Collaboration with Malcolm Harkins

A company with 10,000 employees will generate 60M messages this year

Your people are your greatest asset — and biggest risk

When it comes to enterprise risk and security, Malcolm Harkins asserts that people are the perimeter. Never has this been more true than in the collaboration space. An experienced information security leader, Harkins brings a wealth of valuable insights to this conversation about de-risking collaboration with Aware product evangelist Chris Plescia.

Take charge of your collaboration datasets

In this episode of our De-Risking Collaboration Webinar series, we discuss:

  1. Learn how collaboration tools have reshaped business and security risk 
  2. Explore the unique challenges of collaboration data
  3. Mitigate the impact of people on collaboration security
  4. Reveal new opportunities and insights from human data at scale

This is part 1 of a two-part discussion with Malcolm Harkins. Be sure to watch Part 2: Insider Threats and the 21st Century CISO.
People as the Perimeter in Collaboration

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