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Mitigate Data Risks in Slack

Compliance Adherence, DLP, and Search for Slack

Tools like Slack can increase productivity by 30%

Get the benefits of Slack —without the risk

Innovative organizations use platforms like Slack to support every type of work. In-person and remote, across organizations and within single teams. Slack excels at connecting today’s digital workforce, enhancing innovation and decreasing project length. But it wasn’t built to handle all the complexities of modern businesses.

CIOs and CISOs must protect the organization from data risks

In this whitepaper, learn how to close the gaps and protect your organization from unexpected security risks and the sharing of sensitive and confidential data.Uncover and solve the challenges facing modern enterprises using tools like Slack, including:

  1. Sensitive information sharing within Slack channels, includingPCI and PII
  2. Data leaks to third parties through external channels like Slack guest accounts or Slack Connect
  3. Conducting internal forensics or eDiscovery in Slack
  4. Identifying and addressing behaviors that can damage an organization’s reputation or culture
Compliance Adherence, DLP and Search for Slack

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