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Your Legal Operations Checklist for Enterprise Collaboration

The legal landscape has evolved rapidly. Has your organization kept up?

Almost 80% of employees use collaboration tools for work purposes

Employees are 57% more active on collaboration tools now than before the pandemic

The costs of class action suits are increasing, and so are the number of new discoverable data types. Legal teams are increasingly turning to technology solutions to help meet their regulatory obligations. Watch the Aware webinar for legal operations professionals to help manage the risks of enterprise collaboration data.

4 critical legal operations requirements for the digital workplace

Do your current data management protocols satisfy your general counsel requirements for digital collaboration platforms like Slack, Workplace from Meta, Microsoft Teams and Yammer?

An increasing share of conversational data is moving to these platforms and away from tools such as email. That makes it mission-critical to understand the legal requirements of enterprises working in digital spaces.In this webinar, we’ll discuss

  1. Understand the Collaboration Ecosystem, Together
  2. Filtered exports of collaboration content
  3. Dynamic, bi-directional retention of collaboration data
  4. Data holds for enterprise collaboration content
Your Legal Operations Checklist for Enterprise Collaboration | Aware

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