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Measuring ROI from Enterprise Collaboration

What does your digital workplace cost your organization?

Enterprise social network tools can boost productivity by 25%

Make your executives pay attention with tangible costs and savings data

Research shows that implementing enterprise collaboration tools such as Yammer, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Workplace from Meta dramatically increase engagement, boost productivity, and reduce employee turnover. But how do you show it?

Aware analyzed the latest research on remote work to understand the true value of managed collaboration. Now you can access the results and reimagine your reporting strategy.

Six key formulas to measure the impact of the digital workplace

Impressions, comments and shares are great indicators of success, but they don’t feed the bottom line. Articulate the benefits of your collaboration tools by using these six formulas to reframe your results as quantifiable metrics.

  1. Onboarding cost reduction due to collaboration
  2. Annual reduction in hiring costs
  3. Cost avoidance of decreased productivity
  4. Annual reduction in data breach costs
  5. Avoidance of toxic employee costs
How-To Measure ROI of Enterprise Collaboration | Aware

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