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Four Things to Know Before IPO

Data security considerations before your organization goes public

80% of employees admit to using unathorized software at work

A culture of compliance is easier to create at a foundational level than to implement with hindsight

It’s never too early to start thinking about data security, especially if IPO might be in your company’s future. Governance, risk, and compliance in the digital workplace presents unique challenges and risks to the organization.

4 critical legal operations requirements for the digital workplace

In this comprehensive whitepaper, we outline the top considerations for legal, IT, and information security leaders as they audit existing tech and identify GRC weaknesses throughout the enterprise. Protect your organization’s data and mitigate the risks that dissuade investors.

  1. Learn how to audit your solutions stack and identify shadow IT
  2. Assess the security of each tool based on top criteria
  3. Consider how to defend your organization against the most common threats
  4. Proactively safeguard against human behavior
4 Things to Know Before IPO | Aware

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