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Easy Worksheet for Collaboration Software TCO

Understand the total cost of ownership of all your collaboration platforms

29% of SaaS spend is underutilized or wasted

Take charge of your collaboration technology

Help simplify your data stack and tackle technical debt by implementing the best solutions for your organization's needs. Quickly audit your proposed or existing software with this TCO checklist to keep your tech spend within budget.

Building a true picture of the cost of enterprise collaboration can be tricky

This worksheet simplifies auditing your collaboration technology stack by categorizing common costs for faster analysis.

  1. Quickly audit any program in your collaboration stack
  2. Reduce TCO with clear spending oversight
  3. Identify potential cost savings and justify expenditures
  4. Compare competitive programs at-a-glance to make the best decision
  5. Includes a five-year cost calculation for long-term planning
Collaboration Software TCO | Aware

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