For IT & Collaboration Owners
Deliver safe, secure collaboration while satisfying the needs of stakeholders across the business

For Security
Improve your risk posture with a purpose-built solution for collaboration

For Legal
Scale, orchestrate and streamline your eDiscovery process for employee collaboration
For Compliance
Establish a proactive approach to collaboration compliance and information governance

For Employee Experience
Harness insights from surveys and collaboration data to transform the employee experience

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The Human Behavior Risk Analysis

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Contextual Intelligence Platform

Aware is a contextual intelligence platform that identifies and reduces risk, strengthens security and compliance, and uncovers real-time business insights from digital conversations at scale.

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Protect your data and your people with complete, real-time visibility and centralized control of collaboration.

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Data Management

Take centralized control and make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

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Search & Discover

AI-powered universal search purpose-built for collaboration. Find information and surfaces the full story—faster.

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Automatically capture authentic human signals from modern collaboration to support your most valuable asset.

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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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