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How CIOs Can Unlock Valuable Digital Conversation Data

Cut through the noise and discover what frontline employees really think

More than 40% of employees are considering leaving their job

Listen to the people who make your business work

CIOs are optimally positioned to unlock valuable insights from digital conversation data. Aware Product Evangelist Chris Plescia draws from his experience as former COO, CIO & Senior IT Leader at AAA Bank, AIG, and Nationwide Insurance to explain why you should be monitoring employee sentiment.

Why you need these insights

Your employees are your most valuable resource. It’s time to put them at the heart of your organizational work design. In this video, you’ll discover:

  1. How the modern workplace has evolved
  2. If employees are using new technologies appropriately
  3. When to look beyond outdated survey data to get authentic insights
  4. What good employers can learn by listening to the voice of the employee
How CIOs Can Unlock Valuable Digital Conversation Data

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