Governance, Risk & Compliance

Data Management & Governance

Take centralized control and make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

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Federated Search & eDiscovery

AI-powered universal search purpose-built for collaboration. Find information and surface the full story—faster.

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Monitoring & Moderation

Protect your data and your people with complete, real-time visibility and centralized control of collaboration.

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Insights & Analytics

People Insights

Automatically capture authentic human signals from modern collaboration to support your most valuable asset.

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Six Critical Digital Workplace Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

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Data Governance and Insights for Slack

Unlock the enterprise—all with one partner.

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Fully Responsive

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Satisfy Governance, DLP & Compliance Requirements

  • Detect PHI, PII, PCI, confidential information, secrets sharing and more with easy-to-configure out-of-the-box triggers
  • Maintain Slack compliance with regulatory mandates as outlined by HIPAA, the GDPR, CCPA, FCA, FINRA, SEC and more

  • Monitor for sensitive data and take immediate action to mitigate insider threats, accidental exposure or malicious sharing

  • Enforce ‘Acceptable Use’ policies, maintain internal compliance and report on violations or undesired behavior
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Analyze, Search & Preserve Slack Conversation Data

  • Leverage artificial intelligence and big data techniques to uncover data patterns and identify key themes for early data analysis

  • Capture and search on all Slack conversation content and contextincluding private channels, messages and Slack Connect channels

  • Protect important Slack channels and content with backup and recovery

  • Utilize proprietary AI and advanced filters on search results to quickly find the needle in the haystack, saving review time and money

  • Override existing retention policies and create legal holds by individual, topic or channel, preserving all edits, deletions and important conversation context from spoliation
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Gain Deep Insights About Your People

  • Leverage Aware’s Insights-as-a-Service to uncover organizational insights and employee engagement trends

  • Know the topics or concerns that employees talk about most, capturing the Voice of the Employee (VoE)

  • Continuously measure your organization’s sentiment and psychosocial health with the industry’s most accurate sentiment model for Workspaces, channels, topics and messages

  • Understand how employees receive key announcements or events, allowing your leadership team to respond swiftly and strategically
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We know digital conversations better than anyone.

  • We were founded by visionary leaders in collaboration, we know first-hand the benefitsand challengesthat stem from connected employees

  • We make sense of the unstructured, Slack conversation dataallowing your team to focus on getting work done

  • We integrate with leading conversation platforms, allowing you to govern multiple platforms and workspaces from a single dashboard
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We Provide Solutions for Every Part of Your Organization

Satisfy governance, risk, compliance and insights requirements across the organization with technology built specifically for the nuances of unstructured collaboration conversation data.









legal hold

Legal Hold





community mgmt

Automated Community Management

sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis


Trends & Insights

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With Aware, we can collaborate with confidence, knowing we have the governance controls to remain compliant with all industry regulations.

Nick Galshvili CISO, Bank of Georgia


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