Secure & Protect Yammer 

Maintain a secure and compliant communication platform while promoting a positive and collaborative work culture

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    Real-time monitoring: Keep a close eye on all public and private channels, direct messages, and file uploads in Yammer to ensure compliance and security. 

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    Automated content moderation: Leverage AI-powered algorithms to identify and flag inappropriate content, sensitive information, or potential data leaks in real-time. 

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    eDiscovery and legal hold: Simplify the process of collecting, preserving, and reviewing relevant content for legal and compliance purposes.  

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    Data retention and export: Set custom data retention policies and easily export chat history and files for compliance and audit purposes. 

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Minimize risk and security threats

  • Cover your security and compliance gaps with real-time compliance monitoring.
  • Protect against accidental or malicious sharing of PHI/PII/PCI and other confidential information
  • Take swift action the moment an incident occurs.
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Automate rules and roles

  • Enhanced data protection with built-in governance and compliance logic.
  • Automatic configurations that hold up against GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and emerging standards.
  • Granular control of data based on role, group, channel, location, and more.
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Gain powerful business intelligence

  • Detect changes in organizational health with sentiment and behavioral analysis.
  • Surface trends and topics that matter to employees with aggregate analysis.
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Uncover key business and risk insights

Leverage Aware’s Ai-driven platform to gain actionable insights, get real-time risk alerts, and streamline operations.

Data loss prevention

Identify and remediate sensitive data across collaboration platforms.

Insider threat management

Reduce incidents by detecting anomalies and surfacing toxicity.

Security monitoring

Catch issues before they have a negative impact with AI-enhanced monitoring, analysis, and detection.

Compliance monitoring

Automatically flag misuse of sensitive information to adhere to industry and regional standards.


Search, analyze and preserve collaboration data for evidence in eDiscovery workflows.

Research & investigations

Leverage sophisticated filtering, contextual results, and streamlined data exports.

Records preservation & purging

Set legal holds, customize retention policies, and purge liabilities.

Operational intelligence

Drive critical operational decisions by uncovering problem areas.

People intelligence

Gauge aggregate reaction to events and policies. See trends across teams.

When we implemented Workplace by Meta, we needed guardrails in place ASAP. We had no idea what they would look like, but Aware surpassed our expectations. Aware gave us real-time visibility into everything from safety risks to operational pain points. This allowed us to feel confident that our digital environment was safe and secure, and that our employees are as well. We have now unlocked efficiencies we didn't even think were possible.

Digital Collaboration Owner | Global Restaurant Chain

Before Aware, we lacked visibility into whether customer data was being shared on Slack. We knew that we were potentially sitting on a landmine of risk. Aware has allowed us to proactively approach compliance and get ahead of potential violations. In addition to financial savings, it has given us more peace of mind in using our collaboration platforms.

Senior Manager, Risk & Compliance | Technology Company

Thanks to Aware, our leadership team is now much more in sync with the needs of our employees. Aware goes beyond surveys and actively listens to and interprets the voice of our employees on a human level. This new level of understanding has transformed our culture, upleveled our customer and employee experience, and allowed us to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Communications Leader | Fortune 500 Company

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