Slack Chat Backup for Your Compliance Needs

Meet your electronic record retention compliance requirements, such as SEC, FINRA, FCA, and others. 

 Here's how it works:

  • Aware offers a 100% secure Slack chat and messaging backup. Upload your Slack export or leverage our API connection. Supports Slack Pro, Business+, and Grid.
  • Your Slack chat data is archived in Aware in a "search-ready" state and can be accessed at any time.
  • With a single search, you can find the messages you are looking for in Slack's original format.

With Aware, backing up your Slack chat data should be the easiest thing you do this week.

Backup and archive your Slack messages securely. Today.


Aware's platform is purpose-built for your Slack record retention needs.

Flexible Data Capture

Upload your Slack export or connect your data via API within minutes. No engineering support needed. Aware supports Pro, Business+, and Grid plans.

Contextual Archive

Aware captures all content in full conversational context, just like the messages appear in Slack.

Powerful Search and Export

Aware enables you to produce specific data when requested by regulators and export the results in a commonly accessible format.

Creating a Slack backup is quick, easy, and cost-effective with Aware.

In August, US regulators announced a combined $549M in penalties against 10+ financial firms for improper electronic records retention.  As regulators continue their sweep to ensure firms are in compliance, take action by creating your third-party electronic archive today.


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