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Early case assessments and investigations are quick and easy with Aware.

Here's how it works:

  • Aware offers a 100% secure way to upload your Slack export into our platform. We use our proprietary classification engine to turn JSON exports into a conversational format.
  • Search the data by custodians, keywords and phrases, or for specific DMs between individuals.
  • Your search results populate within minutes. Further refine your results using Aware's built-in AI and export your findings into RSMF or PDF format.

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Investigations are quick, easy, and cost-effective with Aware

It can take 15+ hours to piece together a simple conversation with Slack's confusing JSON exports. Save yourself time and eyestrain by uploading your export to Aware. No API connections needed. 

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Here's how we do it:


Aware's platform is purpose-built for every step of your data collection and analysis workflow.

Search by Custodian

Search for messages authored by one or more specific users. Even include mentions of a specific user.

Search by Keyword

Start your search by looking for a specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to your investigation.

Search by DM Conversation

Search for direct message conversations between two or more participants.

Discover Content Modifications

Filter your search results by messages that were edited or deleted by the content author.

Filter using Aware's AI

Leverage Aware's proprietary AI to uncover messages within your search that contain harassment or event confidential code.

Export in RSMF or PDF

Choose between a wide variety of export formats, including RSMF, PDF, CSV, or DAT.

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