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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Aware is the one-stop, comprehensive data governance solution for Yammer.

  • Visibility into public and private channels, private messages, and files.
  • Works behind-the-scenes without disrupting the Yammer user experience.
  • Remove security & compliance concerns, allowing your employees to use the collaboration platform they prefer.
Aware Risk Management and Slack
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Ease the burden of content moderation and protect company culture.

  • Leverage automated community management to understand when and where inappropriate conversations occur, such as harassment or the sharing of confidential information—and take action, if desired.
  • Understand trends in sentiment and behavior anomalies across your network and track internal campaigns.
  • Streamline cumbersome tasks, freeing up time to focus on other work.
Automate Yammer Community Management

We know collaboration better than anyone.

  • We were founded by visionary leaders in collaboration, we know firsthand the benefits—and challenges—that stem from connected employees.
  • We make sense of the unstructured, conversation data—allowing your team to focus on getting work done.
Aware Enterprise Collaboration Experts

Does your organization collaboration across multiple platforms?

  • We integrate with leading platforms, including Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Yammer.
  • Govern all platforms from a single dashboard.
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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

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