Understanding the New Data Set

What are the implications of collaboration platforms for Legal, Compliance, and Governance?


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Understanding the New Data Set Stat

Isyour workplace meeting its GRC obligations?

Aware hosted an expert panel to discuss the impact of messaging software such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Workplace by Meta on governance, risk, and compliance. The panel features enterprise legal and governance professionals representing T-Mobile, AstraZeneca, and eBay, as well as our own legal and data protection expert, Brian Mannion.

The volume of digital conversations has grown exponentially

Organizations need to get their arms around this new data set of largely nuanced and unstructured information. The panel reviews the unique challenges that digital conversations pose to eDiscovery and governance —and how to address them. Together, they explore considerations related to:

  1. Structuring and normalizing digital collaboration
  2. Managing eDiscovery when the author controls the data in place
  3. Balancing records retention with knowledge sharing
  4. Capturing and preserving conversations in a variety of formats
  5. Addressing regulations and obligations, including data privacy