The way employees work is rapidly changing.

Workstream collaboration platforms (e.g. Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Yammer, and Microsoft Teams) enable faster workflows and unprecedented connectivity between teams, breaking down silos and facilitating real-time collaboration.

Employee behavior is unpredictable.

While collaboration platforms allow for open, efficient communication, the digital nature of the platforms also open the door for employees to behave inappropriately, as recent headlines show. Stay ahead of the situations that might harm company culture or organizational reputation by implementing the tools and procedures to intervene quickly, if needed.

Aware by Wiretap’s AI-infused compliance, monitoring and culture protection tool gives your organization visibility into employee communications within company-sanctioned collaboration platforms—even within private messages and groups. Help prevent potential compliance or legal situations before they even happen.

By leveraging Aware’s out-of-the-box and custom policies, designated users are notified of company policy violations, suspicious behavior, even inappropriate speech or harassment—giving your organization the opportunity to respond with easily-configurable, automatic actions (e.g. notify the manager, delete the content, or flag the user).

Take the first step in shaping the workforce of the future.

Aware by Wiretap’s AI-infused tool gives near real-time insights—making it possible to understand your organization’s sentiment, identify employee influencers, and visualize communication patterns. 

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Safeguard Your Employees

Safeguard Your Employees

Protect your employees from harassment, bullying, discrimination, inappropriate behavior and disengagement.

Gain Organizational Insight

Gain Organizational Insight

Understand organizational sentiment so you can structure teams for success and encourage positive collaboration.

Respond to Issues Quickly

Respond to Issues Quickly

Take action immediately before issues snowball, minimize disciplinary action and avoid PR nightmares.

Aware by Wiretap helps HR professionals maximize employee productivity, minimize internal disciplinary action and reinforce company policies — all the while avoiding potential PR nightmares.

Did You Know?


Up to 60% of workers have experienced race or ethnicity-based harassment in the workplace.


Nearly ⅓ of the 90,000 charges of discrimination received by the EEOC in 2016 included workplace harassment.

Aware by Wiretap helps ensure this type of harassment never occurs over your social collaboration tools.


AN AWARE BY WIRETAP USE CASE:Protecting from Sexual Harassment

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