Answer the important questions about collaboration.

You’ve probably heard them from your colleagues: What if there’s a data leak? What if employees behave inappropriately? What if sensitive information gets to the wrong people?

Don’t let these concerns prevent your organization from collaborating with confidence.

Aware by Wiretap is the unblocker to help you win over your stakeholders.

This tool offers unprecedented, AI-infused compliance and culture protection for enterprise collaboration platforms (e.g. Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Yammer, and Microsoft Teams). Give leadership peace of mind knowing that your organization’s workstream collaboration program is safely and securely monitored, mitigating common associated risks.

Learn how Aware by Wiretap...

... solves for data security in enterprise collaboration.
... maximizes return on your investment in collaboration platforms.
.... ensures compliance within enterprise collaboration.
... provides unprecedented visibility into employee interactions and behavior.

In fact, workstream collaboration is a doorway into the future of the digital workplace.

Aware by Wiretap’s AI-infused tool provides insights into organizational sentiment, communication patterns, and employee behavior. Your company’s collaboration program starts and ends with Aware by Wiretap. Using this tool, you can measure the success, utilization, and impact of your collaboration program.

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Gain Maximum ESN ROI

Gain Maximum ESN ROI

Enable rapid ESN rollout, grow internal collaboration and roll out new collaboration platforms so you can gain maximum return on investment.

Facilitate Deeper Employee Engagement

Facilitate Deeper Employee Engagement

Encourage the continued use of internal social networks while increasing productivity and better serving distributed employees.

Meet Internal Business Requirements

Meet Internal Business Requirements

Gain executive buy-in and IT alignment; encourage collaboration while adhering to internal policies and ensuring compliance.

Collaboration and communication professionals can aggressively promote the use of ESNs and collaboration tools within their organization to gain a maximum return on investment and rapid adoption.

Did You Know?


ESNs can increase staff retention by 25%


66% of companies are using ESNs, but only 1 in 5 employees are active users.

Aware by Wiretap empowers organizations to grow ESN adoption in both scale and usage, increasing time to value.