Keep your employees and your organization safe while building a digital collaboration culture.

Near real-time message and file monitoring helps prevent confidential and sensitive data leaks within collaboration tools, in both private and public communications.

Aware by Wiretap’s smart, dynamic rule creation goes well beyond basic keyword triggers and allows for easy-to-configure, granular audience and condition controls – giving your organization complete control over the insights derived from collaboration platforms.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to change the way your employees work.

When it comes to understanding the workplace, the unstructured data in shared content is a gold mine of information just waiting to be tapped. Aware by Wiretap provides the key to unlocking these actionable insights surrounding employee sentiment and patterning.

Aware by Wiretap’s proprietary AI models are trained specifically by employee behavior within enterprise collaboration – giving you the ability to make meaningful, confident decisions.

Use Aware by Wiretap to get the most return on your investment in your workstream collaboration platforms.

Armed with Aware by Wiretap, enable secure and rapid user adoption of digital collaboration. Deepen employee engagement by tapping into the collective knowledge of the organization, understanding your employees’ behaviors and needs.

Aware by Wiretap is your key to getting the most out of your workstream collaboration platform (e.g. Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Yammer, and Microsoft Teams).

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Encourage Positive Collaboration

Encourage Positive Collaboration

Aware by Wiretap protects all collaboration platforms so you can rollout ESNs rapidly and grow internal collaboration.

Mitigate Security Threats

Mitigate Security Threats

With Aware by Wiretap, your organization can safeguard confidential information and mitigate external sharing leaks.

Do More With Less

Do More With Less

Automated monitoring requires fewer resources and easy-to-use functionality requires minimal training.

Knowing that the organization is protected, CIOs can say yes to collaboration while limiting security exposure and avoid being “the next headline.”

Did You Know?


58% of all data security threats come from the extended enterprise (employees, ex-employees and trusted partners)

$15 million

An insider attack costs a company approximately $412,000 per incident and approximately $15 million in annual losses per company.

Aware by Wiretap protects your enterprise from insider threats — making sure your collaboration tools can’t be used to steal information.


An aware by Wiretap Use Case: Staying Compliant and Protecting Sensitive Information

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