A Critical Part of Your Enterprise Security Fabric

You’ve spent millions to protect your enterprise and create a sophisticated security fabric. Unfortunately, risky employee behavior (either accidental or intentional) over collaboration tools can create a growing risk surface area. Aware by Wiretap closes this gap so you can collaborate with confidence.

A Critical Part of Your Enterprise Security Fabric A Critical Part of Your Enterprise Security Fabric

Anyone Can Start a Private Group Or Chat In Seconds. Do You Know What's Being Shared?

Collaboration and messaging tools are growing at unprecedented rates — and private groups and chats can be created in seconds — opening the opportunity for risky employee behavior.

Aware by Wiretap gives you automatic visibility into both public and private interactions, allowing your organization to monitor and and govern these interactions proactively.

With Aware, you can say yes to collaboration with the peace of mind that your company's policies are adhered to.

Anyone Can Start a Private Group Or Chat In Seconds. Do You Know What's Being Shared

The Benefits of Employee Collaboration Visibility and Governance

Get The Most Out of Your Collaboration Tools. Quickly.

Enable a full range of sharing and collaboration capabilities that drive value and reduce risk within your organization.¹

  • 90% employee engagement
  • 31% faster time to innovation
  • 25% reduction in meetings
  • 20% increase in staff retention
  • 15% improvement in productivity

Get Everyone Collaborating. Faster.

With automatic visibility and improved governance, you can scale your collaboration tools faster than ever before and:

  • Create internal champions
  • Deploy to larger groups
  • Gain broader global adoption
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Speed enterprise collaboration

Identify and Mitigate Employee Security Threats. Now.

As your collaboration grows, mitigate emerging risk-prone employee behavior and issues such as:

Intellectual property leaks

Intellectual property leaks, either intentional or unintentional

Insider threats

Insider threats, including data theft and garnering customers, staff and partners

HR policy violations

HR policy violations like crass jokes, bullying, harassment or discrimination

Legal issues

Legal issues, like insider trading, compliance and financial regulations

Surprise security gaps

Surprise security gaps caused by new and undocumented functionality

Suspicious behavior

Suspicious behavior that starts small but grows over time

Risky file types

Risky file types that are immediately shared with your entire organization

Sensitive data

Sensitive data like credit cards, SSNs, customer data or PII

Gain Insight Into Your Company. Daily.

Gain a unique level of visibility into organizational sentiment so topics can be encouraged and/or addressed as needed.

  • Make better decisions based on organizational opinion
  • Encourage positive collaboration and innovation
  • Organize teams with better insight

Avoid PR Blunders. Like, Forever.

Leverage a full and rapid rollout — boosting the chances of success and an intended positive impact.

  • See issues right when they happen
  • Respond proactively to critical issues instantly
  • Address small issues before they grow

¹ Source: margolis.co.uk
Can Enterprise Social Networks Lead to Stronger Results for Businesses in 2016? (February 10, 2016)

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