Governance, Risk & Compliance

Data Management & Governance

Take centralized control and make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

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Federated Search & eDiscovery

AI-powered universal search purpose-built for collaboration. Find information and surface the full story—faster.

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Monitoring & Moderation

Protect your data and your people with complete, real-time visibility and centralized control of collaboration.

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Insights & Analytics

People Insights

Automatically capture authentic human signals from modern collaboration to support your most valuable asset.

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Our Vision

Helping Organizations see the Human Difference

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Six Critical Digital Workplace Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

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Data Protection

Secure and Protect your Digital Workplace

Proactively discover, classify, and manage risk with data loss prevention (DLP) built for collaboration.


Gain Visibility and Protect Your Business-Critical Communications

Proactive Compliance

Comply with industry regulations and remove unauthorized data sharing

Detect Organizational Risks

Enforce and report on violations of acceptable use policies

Analyze The Big Picture

Understand full context around violations or incidents


Take a proactive approach to your data protection strategy by monitoring for compliance across a variety of use cases including regulatory, legal, or internal organizational requirements.

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • PII
  • Secrets Sharing
  • PCI and Credit Card Data

Automated content monitoring enables a proactive approach to instantly flag misuse of data, including business data, trade secrets, credentials and other confidential or sensitive information.


Conversation context makes all the difference in understanding the data in question. Use Aware to retrieve and review the full context around behavior violations or incidents.


Data-Driven Security for your Digital Workspace

Stay alert and protect your business' collaboration data with analytics, automation, and extensive policy configuration

Dynamic Policy Configuration

Choose from over 100 patterns, regular expressions, and pre-filled keyword lists, or easily configure a rule to suit the needs of your organization


Resourceful, AI Analysis

Leverage Aware’s proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV) Models to surface unwanted behavior


Immediate Action

Surface risk and set automatic alerts to review context, investigate, and/or remove data to protect your organization

Use Cases

A Comprehensive Solution Built For:

Data Loss Prevention

Configure rules, discover content in context, investigate, and automate actions to proactively monitor all areas of collaboration

Digital Forensics

Collect and secure digital evidence from collaboration conversations

Behavior Analytics

Detect trends for immediate alerting of behavioral anomalies

Data Exfiltration Migration

Identify and protect sensitive information shared in conversations, including those with external participants

How Aware is Transforming Digital Workplace Communications

Context is key

Aware’s Intelligent Archive

Preserve all original messages, as well as any edit or deletions, attachments, files, and images. Most importantly, we capture the relevant context beyond just the single message—and recreate the conversation in an easy-to-understand format.

With Aware:
  • Keep conversational context of all messages–public, private & chat
  • Search relevant content across all integrated conversation channels
  • Every message enriched by Aware’s conversation-based, behavior AI
  • Store all content edits & deletions
Aware's contextual archive search and discover
Understand the Conversation

Aware AI Analysis

Every message is enriched with our proprietary, conversation-based behavior AI. This technology is engineered based on years of research and exclusive access to real-life conversation data found in the workplace.

With Aware:
  • 3x more accurate than other leading sentiment models
  • Detect messages for inapporopriate, offensive, and hate speech
  • Extract topic information and your company's feeling towards them
  • Analyze messages, images and attachments in near real-time
Message enriched with Aware's proprietary AI
Leading The New Data Set

Our Dedication to Collaboration

We deeply understand the challenges and benefits of embracing wall-to-wall adoption of collaboration platforms in an enterprise setting; that’s why we take a collaboration-first approach to platform security and behavioral analysis without interrupting the productivity of your workforce.

With Aware:
  • Strategic partner of Slack, Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft and Cisco
  • Frictionless, one-click integration experience
  • Globally recognized security certifications
  • Benchmark-tested against enterprise message volume
Aware remote work collaboration governance, risk, compliance, and insights at scale

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Information Management

A consolidated, contextual, 360-degree view of data. Controls for efficiency, privacy, compliance, and legal and risk management.


Data Protection

Protecting your data is prioritized at the core of everything we do. Aware grants your team complete governance to manage risks within collaboration data.


Organizational Insights

Capture the behavioral analysis of your organization’s digital conversations for authentic insights that can be used to produce real business impact.