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A Simple Solution to Legal Discovery of Collaboration Data

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Aware is Your eDiscovery Solution for Unstructured Collaboration Data.

Every reaction, comment, post and message creates unstructured conversational data.

Give your eDiscovery team a more efficient, effective way to get the communication data they need, as soon as its required. 

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The eDiscovery Gap In Collaboration

Settlement strategies and trial outcomes—in some cases—hinge on the burden, costs and potential pitfalls surrounding surfacing relevant data for a case. 

Discover Relevant Content

Efficiently search and investigate with granular filters based on language, dates, file type, author, keyword and more.

Review & Flag Results  

Access conversational context for any result (public or private) and flag for further investigation within Aware.

Export in Just a Few Clicks

Export options allows flagged messages—and context—to be packaged for processing, review and analysis.

Streamline Your Legal Workflow for Yammer and Workplace by Facebook


Rely on Aware to securely archive all posts, messages and shared files—even in private messages and chats. This includes revisions and deletions.

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Leverage Aware to quickly search the archive by custodian, date range, and/or by keyword. Efficiently filter results by viewing conversational context in one click.

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Data Hold

Initiate, and release, user data holds to protect communication data from spoliation. This ensures the ability to search and extract data for litigation as needed.

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Reduce your volume of vulnerable data by purging expired conversations in Aware’s historic archive once your company’s data retention period expires.

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