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Protect Your Digital HQ

Compliance Monitoring, DLP, and Search for Slack

Innovative organizations use platforms like Slack to support every type of work: synchronous and asynchronous, in-person, hybrid and fully remote, across multiple functions, multiple organizations and within single teams.

While Slack excels at connecting today’s digital workforce, the platform wasn’t designed to handle the operational, data governance complexities of modern businesses. CIOs and CISOs are tasked with protecting the organization against data risks, and that includes the data that lives within Slack. 

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about the challenges many organizations using tools like Slack face, including risks from:

  • Sharing sensitive information like PCI and PII, as well as the sharing of sensitive data in external channels like Slack guest access or Slack connect
  • Workplace incidents that lead to the need for internal forensics or eDiscovery in Slack
  • Bad behavior that can cause damage to an organizations reputation and culture
Learn how to close the gaps and protect your organization from unexpected security risks and the sharing of sensitive and confidential data.

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