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The Human Behavior Risk Analysis

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Connect Aware to the tools you already use to have all your company messaging in one place.


Collaboration Intelligence Platform

Aware is a collaboration intelligence platform that identifies and reduces risk, strengthens security and compliance, and uncovers real-time business insights from digital conversations at scale.



Protect your data and your people with complete, real-time visibility and centralized control of collaboration.

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Data Management

Take centralized control and make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

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Search & Discover

AI-powered universal search purpose-built for collaboration. Find information and surfaces the full story—faster.

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Automatically capture authentic human signals from modern collaboration to support your most valuable asset.

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About Aware

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10 Reasons Why Aware is a Top Place to Work

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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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Faster decisions with greater certainty

Aware transforms digital conversation data from Slack, Teams, Zoom and more into real-time insights that uncover risk and deliver organizational intelligence, at scale.

→ Consolidate and unify your data

→ Gain real-time context for faster, smarter decisions

→ Understand risk and unlock business value

Learn how innovative companies use Aware to unlock innovation and business value.

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Aware brings contextualized intelligence to your business, at scale

Reduce risk & deliver dynamic insights to keep your business safe, agile, and efficient.

Risk Intelligence

Proactively tackle risk before it spirals out of control

Tame the chaos of unstructured message data to understand risk exposure across your collaboration ecosystem. Identify and resolve sharing of sensitive information and spot new risks before they impact your business.

After implementing Aware, customers have realized:


Reduction cost per data breach


Reduction of incident costs


Risk of IP Loss: IP shared in unauthorized channels


Potential Insider Threat Detected: Unusual behavior in DMs


Compliance Violation: Credit card numbers found in screenshots


Your people are the new perimeter. Accelerate your time to context through behavior-driven machine learning and smart rules. Identify and immediately respond to the pressing security risks that matter most.

Compliance & Legal

Find the needle in the haystack. Simplify complex eDiscovery searches, maintain compliance and manage records from a single, centralized source of truth.


Give employees a voice, from the breakroom to the board room

Understand how topics, themes, and events impact your employees, culture and business. Connect with people to illuminate the employee experience and watch your organization thrive. 

After implementing Aware, customers have realized:

Reduced employee turnover

Increased employee engagement


Theme Insight: 'Benefits' sentiment increase over last 90 days


New Trending Theme: “CEO Townhall” trending with positive sentiment


Potential Toxicity: Significant increase in toxic conversations in #Sales

Operational Intelligence

Feedback gets lost in company silos. Transform fragmented data into authentic, actionable insights that surface what’s working and what’s not—at the speed of business.

People Intelligence

Never wait for an exit survey. Spot important trends to employee sentiment, understand what employees care about most, and get ahead of potential toxic situations with daily engagement insights.

One platform purpose-built for the modern enterprise

Aware offers an array of real-time business applications that anyone can use–built on top of proprietary cutting-edge data science.

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Contextually Enriched AI/Machine Learning

Turnkey AI/ML built for the behavior of this unique dataset, with sentiment NLP that is 3x more accurate than other out-of-the-box models.

Extensible, Event-Driven Architecture

A unified, API-based data fabric built on an event driven architecture made for continuous processing and alerting at scale.

Granular, Controlled Access

Bring value to more business units through role-based access controls with additional proprietary Data Access Sets specific to collaboration.

Proprietary Normalization Engine

Stay future-flexible with content standardization that simplifies data processing and enhances interoperability as you add or change data sources.

Aware customers harness value from billions of messages to drive transformational change

The possibilities are endless—no two customers use Aware in the same way.


The ability to understand and listen to our employees, and look at sentiment differently, be clear about where we've missed something and where we need to lean back in has been incredibly important this last year. Getting this glimpse into how employees humanly respond to things has been supportive of a broader enterprise goal of its not ‘us and them’. This is a way we can help teams see each other as people.

Senior Collaboration Leader | Fortune 200 Company

Aware has allowed us to proactively approach compliance and get ahead of potential violations.

Senior Manager, Compliance

I know for certain that the ability to understand the way our decisions impact our people changes our decision-making process and that impacts our business overall. It is not something we could effectively do, with an objective look at data, before Aware.

Senior Employee Experience Leader | Fortune 100 Company

Leading data science & technology, backed by industry experts

$60 million in Series C funding led by Goldman Sachs

The round will help the company scale its AI-driven, human-centric SaaS solutions for collaboration governance and data insights.

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Founded by a team of Fortune 100 collaboration experts

Our collaboration-obsessed team created Aware with the vision to help organizations understand their digital DNA to make faster decisions with greater certainty.

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5 Ways Innovative Leaders Use Collaboration Data

Join us on March 9th to learn how collaboration data has quickly become the go-to source of data for helping the C-Suite keep their pulse on the business and needs of employees.

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Made for this moment. Aware’s product vision for the enterprise of tomorrow

You might wonder, what is your greatest asset if not your people? It’s how you empower your people.

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Protect your company, enable employee success and transform business outcomes.

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